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Junior Program


Helping middle school students to gain a solid musical foundation, learn discipline, explore the love of the music, have confidence in their abilities, strive to improve, and become strong flute, clarinet, or/and sax performers for their school programs. Dr. Qian is also passionate about helping students who might have ADD and ADHD symptoms to get more focused at school through their music training. Benefits: * Deep discount for middle students lessons only--up to 45% off the regular price. * Premier professional training combined with a fun learning experience. * Free instructional YouTube videos, provided periodically, that support and motivate learning. * Discounts on music books, reeds, and equipment purchases made through the Academy online store. * Loyalty Program: Lesson pricing will be comparable to the school rate at the time of the first lesson and will not increase as long as the student keeps taking lessons weekly. The student will no longer be eligible for this program after middle school or if lessons are suspended for more than five weeks.


2 Plans Available, From $45.00/week


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