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The Artist-in-Resident program allows Dr. Qian to offer elite training sessions on campus with selected schools via masterclasses and individual coaching. As part of the CSRA mission to serve the community, the students, as the entire section, are given opportunities to receive fundamental training sections from Dr. Qian with knowledge, skills, and inspiration in their own schools.   The goal is to help students reach their personal music goals and prepare their state solo and ensemble music more efficiently, technically, and musically. 


        * Premier professional training combined with a fun learning experience.

        * Free instructional YouTube videos, provided periodically, that support and motivate learning.

        * Discounts on music books, reeds, and equipment purchases made through the Academy.

        * Loyalty Program: Lesson pricing will be comparable to the school rate at the time of the first lesson and will not increase as long as the student keeps taking lessons weekly. The student will no longer be eligible for this program if lessons are suspended for more than five weeks or Dr. Qian is not the official teacher at your school.

       * Discount for the online masterclasses.  ( $20 each section)

Studio Policies:  

      * Lesson payments are non-refundable and must be paid monthly in advance, at least two days before the first day of the month. Monthly payments cannot be transferred to the following month. Dr. Qian will NOT teach without prearranged payment.  Payments must be made by Zelle bank transfer via Dr. Qian’s phone number. No checks, please.

      * The lesson fee will be due if a lesson is canceled less than 72 hours before the scheduled time, except in the case of a family emergency. Lessons canceled on time can be rescheduled prior to the next lesson cycle.

      * Dr. Qian will dismiss any student who is not practicing and shows little progress in a reasonable time frame.

     *  Middle school student is required to purchase a copy of online clarinet methods by Dr. Qian available through the website. ( $30)

      * Out of professional courtesy, Dr.Qian will not teach a student who wants to study with two private teachers on the same instrument at the same time.

      * Students should not have to struggle with broken, mismatched, or poorly designed equipment, such as certain reeds and mouthpieces.  Based on professional experience, Dr.Qian reserves the right to require a change in the equipment used for practice and lessons.

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