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clarinet reed saxophone lesson
clarinet reed saxophone lessons

Masterclass and Workshop

Choose one or more of our programs based on your needs.

clarinet reed saxophone lesson


Training elite high school and middle school students who want to reach their full potential. Students in this group aim for All-State status, GDYO membership or similar, top chairs in their school band, and/or preparing for college auditions as music and non-music majors.

clarinet reed saxophone lesson

Classical and Jazz Music Theory

Empowers music students with musical expression and performance freedom via music theory. Gain greater insight into the intentions of composers.  Performing in the right and authentic style is a must for an elite musician. 

clarinet reed saxophone lesson

Single Reed Methods

This program is designed for pre-college band directors who are not single-reed players.  The goal is to polish the skills of clarinet and sax teaching.  It comes with a pedagogy booklet written by Dr. Qian, which includes step-by-step teaching of clarinet classes. Please contact Dr. Qian for more details.

clarinet reed saxophone lesson

Orchestral excerpts 

Dr. Qian has been a principal clarinetist in professional orchestras and bands in both Asia and the U.S. for more than ten years.  During his junior year in college, Qian won first prize in the International Clarinet Association’s Orchestral Excerpts Competition and third prize in its Young Artist Solo Competition--the first artist in the history of the ICA to receive prizes in both competitions in the same year.  His college students won both Grand Prizes in the 2015 and 2016 International Clarinet Association Orchestral Excerpts Competitions and many orchestra and band positions.

clarinet reed saxophone lesson

A.I.R. Trianing Program

The artist-in-Resident program is designed for students attending schools where Dr. Qian is the regular clarinet and sax teacher.  The students will receive individual fundamental training sections from Dr. Qian with knowledge, skills, and inspiration.   The goal is to help students reach their individual music goals and prepare their state solo and ensemble music more efficiently, technically, and musically. 

clarinet reed saxophone lesson

Buddy Lessons and Ensemble Coaching

Learn music from Dr. Qian and hang out with your friends (up to three) together.

 We will be working on the clarinet parts from your band repertoires and ensemble contest music from your school, and some solo contest pieces. Less cost and more fun!

clarinet reed saxophone lesson

College Audition Preparation

This program is designed for non-CSRA members who are high school senior students or someone in-between degrees.  It helps those students to prepare for incoming college auditions, whether at the undergraduate or the graduate level.  Dr. Qian's students have been accepted into prestigious music programs such as the Cleveland Institute of Music, University of Michigan, University of Texas at Austin, Michigan State University, University of North Texas,  Peabody Institute, and Rice University.   

What Our Clients Say

clarinet reed saxophone lession
clarinet reed saxophone lesson

George Cardozo' 22, First chair- Hebron, GDYO, All-State Philharmonic

" Dr. Qian is a fun teacher to work with...  Lessons with him is always meaningful to me.      ( I have reached the goals of being a  top player in Texas and a music major in college and studying with Frank Cohen from the Cleveland Orchestra). Without Dr. Qian, all of this (my honors) would not be possible.. "


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