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Dr. Jun Qian

Dr. Jun Qian is the director of the Cyber Single Reed Academy in Highland Village, Texas, the conductor of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra Clarinet Choir, and the principal clarinetist of the Waco Symphony. He has enjoyed great success as an educator and musician.  

Qian won first prize in the International Clarinet Association’s Orchestral Excerpts Competition and third prize in its Young Artist Solo Competition in 1997--the first artist in the history of the ICA to receive prizes in both competitions in the same year. He made his Carnegie Hall debut in 2001, performing Weber’s Clarinet Concerto No. 1 with the Asian American Elite Orchestra. 

At the Academy, he is currently training elite pre-college students and young professionals at universities worldwide via live and online clarinet and saxophone lessons, classes, and coaching sessions. He is also interested in doing research and teaching middle school students who might have ADD and ADHD symptoms.


His high school students have won many honors, positions, and prizes. These include the Minnesota Orchestra’s concerto competition; and International Clarinet Association competitions; first chairs in the Texas Music Educators Association’s 6A All-State Symphony orchestra,  6A All-State Philharmonic Orchestra, and 6A Symphonic Band; the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra, 6A high school bands in Lewisville, Plano, Allen, Coppell, and Frisco Independent School Districts; and featured soloist on NPR’s “From the Top” radio show.


Dr. Qian was a full-time clarinet professor at St. Olaf College and Baylor University for over 13 years. His college students won both Grand Prizes in the 2015 and 2016 International Clarinet Association Orchestral Excerpts Competitions and have been selected for study at major festivals and graduate schools.  As a result, he has received excellent external peer reviews from International Clarinet Association leaders.  

"His tone flexibility .... is always first rate."

-International Clarinet Association " The Clarinet" Magazine
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Cyber Single Reed Academy's Mission Is to Empower


Professional Online  Support with Premier Program


Leading Programs


Elite Training


Performance Satisfaction Rated by Audition Committees

​Cyber Single Reed Academy is committed to supporting schools and families globally by providing the highest quality private lessons, master classes, music camps, and other music activities live or online.  It also includes opening eyes, ears, and minds by connecting students to the professional music world and other elite music education programs.

Teaching Philosophy

clarinet saxphone lesson

Reach your full potential with fully dedicated and elite training

Holistic Approach

Build musical confidence with solid fundamental skills such as scales, articulation, and tone color control. 

Better Learning 

Work smart and practice in an efficient way; strive for straight forward communication, rich experiences, and a caring teaching style.


A professional training style helps every student with positive energy to reach his or her full potential.

Healthy Competition

Students are encouraged to be competitive with themselves, not others, because we are all unique individuals.

You can meet Dr. Qian's  wonderful students in many excellent places

clarinet saxphone lesson
clarinet saxphone lesson
clarinet saxphone lesson
clarinet saxphone lesson
clarinet saxphone lesson
clarinet saxphone lesson
clarinet saxphone lesson
clarinet saxphone lesson
clarinet saxphone lesson
clarinet saxphone lesson
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