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CSRA Online Master Class Series 

Clarinet Region Music Performance Strategies

Tuesday, 8:00pm-9:30pm September 27, 2022.    Free for all the audiences

Reach the following goals as an audience or a performer: 


1) Overcome your performance anxiety issues.

2) Receive Dr. Qian's professional instant comments when you perform under pressure. 

3) Know where you are compared to other advanced players.

5) What to do prior to the auditions. 

4)Make you a better performer. 

Performers, reserve your spots ASAP!

Join US!

Reach your full potential! Get rid of your performance anxiety issues!   You can either listen or perform when the spots are still available!  We will use Facetime via Mac devices such as iPhone, Ipad, and IMac for the masterclass.

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Thanks for submitting! Dr.Qian will email you the online link and other information soon!