Mission Statement  

Cyber Single Reed Academy is committed to supporting schools and families globally through music education. This includes providing the highest quality private lessons, master classes, music camps, and other music activities live or online; and opening eyes and ears by connecting students with the elite professional music world and other music education programs around the world.



Objectives – Pre-College Division


  • Helping middle school students to gain a solid musical foundation, learn discipline, explore the love of the music, have confidence in their abilities, strive to improve, and become strong flute, clarinet, or/and sax performers for their school programs. Dr. Qian is also passionate about helping students who might have ADD and ADHD symptoms to get more focused at school through their music training. 


  • Training elite high school students who want to reach their full potential, play a major role in their school bands or orchestras, and participate in prestigious music ensembles off-campus.