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Teaching Philosophy for Middle School Students

"I know you have professional skills to train advanced high school students. My child is just a beginner in the middle school. What are your approaches and teaching philosophy for the middle school students?

For middle students in the CSRA, I believe that early music training is extremely important to their development in a variety of ways: getting focused on learning, communicating well with their teachers, overcoming performance anxiety, solving learning challenges with efficiency, gaining self-confidence through detailed hard work, and enjoying music with passion.

I have been amazed to see how young beginner students can improve their reading skills and the ability to get focused through my musical and professional training. All of them are multi-talented, with great academic achievements. They will be ready for their first year of high school--musically and otherwise--when they graduate from middle school.

In fact, many of my advanced high school students were studying with me during their middle school learning stages . What a great rewarding and priceless moment when I see my students are getting improved week after week during their earlier stage of the music learning.

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