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Which clarinet should my child to have? Beginner or Professional Clarinet ?

When should clarinet students start to use professional instruments?

From my 35 years of teaching experience, I know many students start to develop bad performance habits and learning techniques due to the poor quality of student-line instruments of any brand.They are cheaply made and sound out of tune. All my top high school students, such as All-Staters and first chairs, play top-of-the-line professional instruments. It is because these instruments provide a premium tone and excellent tuning. It is even more essential for young seventh- and eighth-grade students who are committed to the band program to have a professional-line instrument that also helps them to develop good learning habits such as correct tongue position and good hand position. The difference between professional and student instruments is t like driving in the snow with four-wheel drive vs. two-wheel drive–a lot more capable and responsive. The downside is that they are very expensive ($4500-$9500) brand new) and need good care at all times. However, considering what students can get out of them, they are worth it. In the past, I have helped top students locate used professional clarinets in great condition to purchase, so they could achieve their music goals, such as successfully being a first chair or all-stater.

When should clarinet students start to use professional instruments?

Ideally, ASAP or before they enter the high school program. For more details, please contact Dr. Qian ASAP.

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