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Premier Program

Training elite high school and middle school students who want to reach their full potential. Students in this group aim for All-State status, GDYO membership or similar, top chairs in their school band, and/or preparing for college auditions as music and non-music majors.  Dr. Qian is also passionate about helping students who might have ADD and ADHD symptoms to focus more on school through their music training.


30 minutes


20% off



Every Section

was: $70 

60 minutes


20% off



Every Section

     was: $120


45 minutes


20% off



Every Section

was: $100 

  • Adapt Dr.Qian’s own teaching style to students' individual needs and learning preferences, helping them progress more efficiently. 

  •  Help students build confidence in their abilities

  • Expose students to various musical styles, giving them a broader perspective and enhancing students' overall musical understanding.

  • Instill a love for music that can last a lifetime, enriching students life and providing them with a lifelong hobby or even a potential career.

  • Help students set and achieve both short-term and long-term musical goals. I also provide a structure and routine for their practice sessions

  • Reach the students' full potential and be band leaders. 

Teaching Strategies

  •  Help students to better understand the nuances of their instrument, technique, and musical interpretation.

  • Adept at tailoring the instruction to the unique needs and goals of each student: identify areas of weakness and strengths, and develop personalized lesson plans to help the student progress faster.

  • Inspire and motivate their students by demonstrating passion and commitment to their craft. This can have a positive impact on the student's own motivation and eagerness to learn and practice.

  • Develop effective practice habits and techniques, which can lead to more efficient use of practice time and faster progress.

  • Open up networking opportunities, such as introductions to other musicians or industry professionals. This can help students further their careers and gain valuable connections within the music community.

  • Provide valuable feedback, guidance, and strategies for overcoming performance anxiety.

  • Support students develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning and growth as a musician. Encourage students to continuously strive for improvement and remain open to new ideas.

  • Create a more productive learning environment and foster a strong student-teacher relationship.


        *Best learning experiences for the students-  
Premier professional training combined with a fun learning experience.

       * Online weekly lesson reports available to the students and their parents.

        * Free professional-grade clarinet loans when the student's instrument is in the repair shop.  Available for up to three days and subject to instrument availability. 

       * Free Smart Music account for solo practice and UIL contests.

       * Free instructional YouTube videos, provided periodically, that support and motivate learning.

      * Discounts on music books, reeds, and equipment purchases made through the Academy online gift store.

    * Loyalty Program: Though lesson fees typically increase from one year to the next, Dr. Qian will never raise the price from the time of the first lesson, as long as the student keeps taking lessons weekly.  The student will no longer be eligible for this pricing if lessons are suspended for more than five weeks.

      * Free online masterclasses given by Dr. Qian and guests. 

      * Discount on CSRA music camps.

      * Free college consultation sessions with students and their parents.

      * Audition support with reference letters and recommendations.

      * Daily musical support between each lesson if necessary. 

      * Video/audio conferences available with the parents when requested.

      * Providing additional lessons or instructions on short notice.

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