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One of the favorites of Dr. Qian's elite students and All-Staters, such as the current principal clarinets of Marcus High School, the former principal clarinet of Hebron High School, and many professionals around the world!


Selmer Signature model is one of the two top-of-the-line models made by Selmer Paris in France.  It utilizes raised-up tone holes, which helps provide a more focused tone while maintaining a very precise responding instrument. Professionals worldwide praise the Signature clarinet for its depth of sound and uniformly dark, clear tone quality in all ranges and dynamics.


Designed for professional solo and orchestral musicians.  Brand new ones cost around $6850 Elsewhere.


Serious high school students should never use entry-level clarinets.


This is Dr.Qian's backup instrument hand-picked by himself from Paris, France. It is played for 4 years then put away as a backup instrument.   It is in very good condition.


Selmer Signature Clarinet-USED

$4,200.00 Regular Price
$3,800.00Sale Price
  • Three-day free trial, with an $80 restocking fee for cleaning and sanitizing if the instrument is returned at the end of the trial. Call Dr. Qian for details.

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