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clarinet reed saxophone lesson
Ashna, First Chair, Drum Major,  Coppell High School Marching Band, Class of 2018

Dr. Qian challenges his students to keep finding small details to improve upon, and not to be satisfied with mediocrity. I started working with Dr. Qian my junior year of high school, and he helped me become the 7th chair clarinetist in the state, going on to become the principal chair of the 2017 6A TMEA All-State Symphonic Band. Throughout this process, I took advantage of Dr. Qian's online lesson system, which allowed me to schedule Skype lessons with him once a week. This allowed me to eliminate transportation time I couldn't waste due to a rigorous high school schedule and enabled me to receive instruction in my regular practice space rather than a studio, meaning Dr. Qian was able to give extra feedback regarding my specific practice habits. This was a great way to receive a high caliber of teaching without ever leaving my home.


Lessons with Dr. Qian are extremely fast-paced, yet he expertly finds ways to utilize humor to make them highly enjoyable. Every time I take an experience with him, I find something new to improve on and feel like I reach a new level as a clarinet player.


I finished high school as a two-year Texas All-Stater, and am currently majoring in music at the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University. None of this would have been possible without Dr. Qian motivating me at such a high level every step of the way.

clarinet reed saxophone lesson
George Cardozo, First Chair, Hebron High School Marching Band, class of 2022

Lessons with Dr. Qian is always meaningful to me. Every lesson that I go to, and every time I leave his studio, I always get better at my clarinet, or I leave with something to work on for the next week. I began lessons with Dr. Qian the beginning of my freshman year, and since then, I keep improving my clarinet playing in general with Dr. Qian. My freshman year, I made the All-State Concert band, and that couldn’t be accomplished without the help of Dr. Qian. Dr. Qian is always looking for mistakes, even the smallest ones so that you can sound your best for the future. If you ever wondered why this is happening with your clarinet playing, he is always there, 24/7, to tell the problem and fix it. 


Dr. Qian is a fun teacher to work with, and you’ll always feel like your home when you're at his studio. Lessons are quick, and you learn a lot in your lesson. Every time I have trouble with this etude or orchestral etude, he is always there to correct my problems and therefore giving me a new playing field with the clarinet. 


I am currently a sophomore in High school right now. I want to major in music, and my goal is to make one of the top chairs at All-state. Without Dr. Qian, all of this would not be possible, motivating me, and giving useful tips to help my clarinet playing and my life outside of clarinet.    ( Note:   George was No.6 2022 All-State Player in 6-A division, first chair of 2022-23 GDYO orchestra, and All-State Philharmonic Orchestra, he will go to study with the Cleveland Orchestra clarinet section at the Cleveland Institute of Music for his undergraduate.)

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